Resilience in a VUCA World

Change: Using Resilience as the Vehicle in a VUCA World

Increasingly organisations are operating in a VUCA world i.e one that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Resilience & Brilliance has been successfully working with a number of businesses and public sector organisations to support them to bring about change in a way that builds resilience in these uncertain times.

Change, reducing resources and increasing demands require people to think differently about how services might be offered, to generate income to enable services to survive, in other words, to be flexible and adaptable in a VUCA world.

Whilst wellbeing often focuses on physical and mental health, the latest CIPD Report ‘Growing the Health And Wellbeing Agenda: From First Steps to Full Potential’ (2016) argues that we need to take a more holistic approach. It is no longer about one-off initiatives, but about changing the way that business is done.

Wellbeing pyramid VUCA worldOrganisations need to invest in their leadership behaviours as these set the culture. If we are to improve the wellbeing and engagement of the workforce, managers need to know how to do this effectively by listening to employees, having skilful conversations, operating with integrity and building trust.
Resilience and Brilliance have been working with business and public service organisations to train leaders and managers to build resilience by having conversations designed to better manage the pressures, foster more positive mind-sets and increase confidence to adapt to change.

It’s not only about encouraging wellbeing but about leading and managing people in ways that engage them and make them feel good about coming into work. Many organisations are building engagement by encouraging employees to put forward their ideas in forums or by getting involved in activities to increase fun or do something different, but as Robertson Cooper put it, it’s about creating a ‘Good Day At Work’. It’s about finding out from employees what creates their sense of purpose. It’s about how we trust and inspire our employees and give them the support to have a ‘Good Day At Work’.

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