The Benefits of Going on Retreat

Resilience and Brilliance are running our first retreat for women in June 2017. After attending a women’s retreat in Bali last year, I was inspired to create one myself for Resilience & Brilliance. My retreat experience gave me the time and opportunity to escape from my busy life and reconnect to myself. I felt so rejuvenated by my experience that I wanted to share something similar with women in the UK.

The ‘So Who Am I Now?’ retreat for women is taking place at the beautiful retreat centre, Holland House, in the Worcestershire countryside from the 2-4th June 2017. See details

Women lead very busy lives – often working, tend to be the main carers for children/elderly parents and tend to take the main responsibility for running the home. Although this is not always the case, it is a common story I hear on resilience workshops that we run.

Not everyone can afford the time or money to travel to Bali on retreat, but can more easily access a retreat in this country. By going on retreat you give yourself the opportunity to get away from the demands of your life and experience the following benefits:

  • Stay in a safe environment with great amenities and all your needs catered for.
  • Be in the community of like-minded people, with whom to can make on going friendships with.
  • A chance to relax and have some ‘me time’ without guilt.
  • A chance to look around you and appreciate the gifts of nature.
  • Time without constant attachment to the demands of your phone.
  • Space to think about your own life and reaction to events.
  • Learn new perspectives
  • Reconnect to yourself and your life’s meaning at a deeper level.
  • Grow and develop.

There are many different types of retreat available in the UK – spiritual, religious, personal development. But whatever your choice, it is an opportunity to reconnect to who you are and restore your life energy so that you can equip yourself with what you need to continue or change the things you want when you return to your normal life.

Our ‘So Who Am I Now?’ Retreat blends workshops, sharing circles, talks and yoga to help women to reconnect with and assess who they are at this point in their lives and prepare for the next stage. If you are interested in attending, please visit our page for more information and details on how to book. If you would like to be on the mailing list for next year’s retreat, please email us at and we can let you know as soon as the dates have been confirmed.

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