Founded by Sara Rawstron

We are a small group of exceptional trainers, coaches and specialists in employee mental wellbeing who love what we do and get great results

What we do

We don’t just want to make healthier workplaces, we want to make happier workplaces. Workplaces where people can thrive, manage the pressures in an effective way and experience more fun and appreciation at work. Resilience and Brilliance specialises in enabling organisations and people to thrive in challenging times.

  • Consultancy on all aspects of employee mental wellbeing
  • Bespoke training courses for managers, leaders and employees.
  • Conference talks and workshops.
  • Coaching for managers & leaders
  • Policy advice, writing and implementation
  • Listening exercises with employees.

Why we do it?

Life is challenging and moving quickly. To be able to adapt to change, manage the pressures, recover from adversity and learn how to be happy and effective in this environment is a challenge that we can help you with.

A focus on resilience and brilliance enables people and organisations to successfully weather the storms, improve wellbeing, engagement, individual/team/organisational performance and ultimately satisfaction with life!

The Team

Sara Rawstron
Sara is insightful and personally empowering. Her purpose is to improve performance and bottom line results by enabling people and … Read More
Jacqueline Lawlor
Jackie has a deep and genuine concern for the wellbeing of others and is passionate about using learning and development … Read More

Our Services

We help individuals, leaders and teams face challenges and be the best they can be

Our Clients


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