Latest Findings from the 2019 CIPD Health & Wellbeing At Work Survey

Organisations have been working hard to reduce sickness absence for years now, but with the increase in the use of different technologies and flexible working policies, it makes it easier to work from home, regardless of how well you are feeling. We know that good work is good for your mental health, but work overload is one of the key causes of stress at work.

Findings from the latest CIPD report on absence, health and wellbeing report absence at an all time low – 5.9 days per employee. Although this sounds very positive, it needs to be viewed in context of the current ways of working.

  • 83% of respondents reported working when they were unwell.
  • 63% or respondents reported using their holidays to work, and
  • 37% reported an increase in stress related absence.

Presenteeism and leaveism are distorting our absence figures and we can no longer use absence as the only measure of sickness within an organisation.

Top Causes of Long Term Absence

  • 59% due to mental ill health
  • 54% due to stress
  • 54% due to musculoskeletal injuries
  • 45% due to acute medical conditions
  • 19% due to injuries and accidents (work and non-work related)

Top Causes of Stress Related Absence

  • Workload
  • Relationships at work
  • Management style

Financial wellbeing is now recognised as a significant cause of employee stress.

Good News

Organisations are investing more in the training of line managers on mental wellbeing. 40% of organisations surveyed have trained managers so that they are able to have sensitive wellbeing discussions and signpost people to expert help.

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You can find the CIPD summary reports for both the public and private sector on our resources page.

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