Wellness Action Plan Template

What Should Be In A WAP

A wellness action plan may contain some or all of the sections below:

  • A daily maintenance plan with three parts: a description of the person when they are well, the wellness tools to use every day to maintain wellness, and a list of regular daily activities.
  • A list of events or triggers that might make the person feel worse—like an argument with a friend or getting a big bill—along with the wellness tools that can be used to deal with them.
  • A list of the early warning signs, subtle signs that let a person know they are beginning to feel worse—like being unable to sleep or feelings of nervousness—along with an action plan for responding to these signs and to help the person feel better and avoid difficulties.
  • The help I would like from my line manager is an outline of the support that a line manager can give which has been agreed with the person e.g. taking time out to do some breathing exercises in private.
  • A list of the signs that things are breaking down and the person is feeling much worse—like feeling sad all the time, or hearing voices—along with an action plan based on the wellness tools to help the person feel better and prevent an even more difficult time.
  • Crisis plan or advance directive: A list of signs that let others know they need to take over responsibility for care and decision making including who takes over and supports through this time, health care information, a plan for staying at home through this time, things others can do that would help and things they might choose to do that would not be helpful. This kind of proactive advanced planning keeps the person in control even when it seems as though they are not.
  • Post crisis plan: This part of the plan is thought out in advance of a crisis or as one begins to recover from the crisis—when there is a clearer picture of what needs to be done to get and stay well.


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