Crisis management in the event of a suicide

This toolkit is designed to support employers in their response to the suicide of an employee, at work or outside the workplace. For this reason, this toolkit refers to ‘suicide’ rather than ‘suspected suicide’.

Please note that the cause of death may not be formally established for days or weeks. Further, legal confirmation of suicide as the cause of death can only be made by a coroner following an inquest, which usually takes several months to complete. The verdict might not be one which you or employees expected so it is helpful to be conscious that this is a period of uncertainty. It might be helpful for your communications at this time to reference ‘suspected suicide’ to enable conversations.

This toolkit provides advice when there is strong evidence that suicide is the cause of death, and when the community – colleagues, relatives and friends – are responding to what they believe is a suicide and so experiencing the corresponding impact and emotions. The support and resources needed in this scenario are outlined here.


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