We offer advice and interventions designed to help improve the conditions of work or mend relationships that relate to improving the performance and mental wellbeing of individuals and teams.

Mental Wellbeing Strategy & Policy Development and Implementation

Workplace consultancy for the health and wellbeing of employees.In order to successfully deliver an improvement in employee wellbeing and performance an effective wellbeing strategy is the ideal place to start. We are experts in strategy and policy development and can help you to think through what your strategy could look like. It needs to draw together what the organisation is trying to achieve, what is currently in place, what needs to be added, and how this can work effectively for each staff group to achieve the organisation’s aims.

Many organisations have their own stress/wellbeing policies, but sometimes these fall short in terms of detail and guidance for managers. We offer experience of having written and implemented stress/wellbeing policies and measured their impact in relation to a number of organisational metrics about meeting legal and business objectives in relation to improving wellbeing and performance at work.

Stress Risk Assessment

Stress risk assessment is a legal requirement. If an employee raises the issue of stress where it is significantly impacting on their wellbeing and performance, or a manager spots signs and symptoms of stress that are getting worse, or an employee is returning from a stress related illness, it is essential to conduct a stress risk assessment.

We develop stress risk assessment guidance and templates for both individual and team/group/role stress risk assessments. We also conduct stress risk assessments where an impartial person is required.

Listening Exercises

It was really good to have the chance to express how we really feel, cathartic even. We’ve been able to put forward our own ideas and be part of the solution

Sometimes a team or organisation’s performance declines as a result of organisational culture, management style, poor team relationships, or external pressures.

We offer listening exercises with groups of staff to determine exactly what the issues are and engage them in finding solutions that will work for them. By offering a confidential and objective ear, teams can open up and discuss what is really going on. With careful facilitation, we can draw out solutions that will not only work for them, but be practical for managers to implement, so that they can thrive in the future.



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