resilience training for teams and individuals

Happiness at work increases sales, productivity and accuracy

We help organisations to

  • Achieve great performance
  • Be legally compliant
  • Create cultures in which people want to work
  • Manage in a way that improves sickness absence and presenteeism
  • Enable teams to flourish!

And help people to

  • Thrive at work
  • Adapt to change successfully
  • Manage the pressures effectively
  • Find constructive ways through adversity
  • Be brilliant!
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  • The weekend gave me the time and space for self exploration, reflection, coming to terms with my emotions and to connect with others on a similar journey through life.

    Sue Bloomer - Retreat Participant
    So Who Am I Now?
  • Money Advice Trust embarked on a programme of training for managers and staff. has led to short term absence being reduced by 66% and a reduction in absence overall by 25%

    Donna Williams - Head of HR
    Money Advice Trust
  • I can vouch for the positive impact that the training, provided by Sara, had on myself, as a manager and leader, and immediately for others within my workplace.

    Ashwinder Silvers - Deputy Head
    George Dixon Junior & Infant School
  • Sara is well versed in working with organisations to help reduce workplace stress and increase performance.

    C.M. - Head of Occupational Health
    Birmingham City Council
  • Sara is a fantastically supporting and encouraging coach. She had given me the confidence to try new and different styles of leadership, taking me out of my comfort zone with very positive results.

    Carol Williams
    Walsall MBC

Our Training Courses Could Save You Money

A happy and engaged workforce brings a positive return on investment for organisations and individuals. Happiness at work increases sales, productivity and accuracy, as well as having a positive effect on the health of employees, career success and perceptions about quality of life.

We've created a simple ROI calculator to help you understand the benefits of creating a happier workplace.

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